Life-Groups help us serve the needs of our area with more precision. Even though you are never required to join a lifegroup, we believe it's the best thing going at CGCC. It's the perfect introduction to our church. You see, CGCC is not a building or a team of pastors. We are a community of people, just like you. We don't have all the answers, but we support each other in love. If you'd like to really get to know CGCC, check out one of our lifegroups and meet a few new friends.

Fall Session: Oct — Dec
Spring Session: Jan — March
Summer Session: June & July

We’re all walking this journey together and at different times in our lives, we’re at different places. But God didn’t design us to walk alone. Whether you’re a brand new Christian or deeply committed to God, connecting with others is vital to the Christian life.

At CommonGround, we have designed adult Life Groups that meet in homes where you can meet new people and study the bible in a comfortable atmosphere.

What you will experience:

1. Real Relationships

Our Life Groups are designed to develop new relationships. The Bible teaches us to pray for each other, encourage each other and love each other. A Life Group atmosphere is a place where we can pour ourselves into each other's lives and have fun while learning from each other. As the church grows, it becomes vitally important to engage with a small group of believers who are experiencing life like you are. No one needs to get lost in the crowd.

2. A Safe Place to Learn

We have a philosophy at CommonGround: Life Groups are a safe place. In others words, what is shared in the Life Group, stays in Life Group. It's a place where you can ask questions and share your life experiences.It's okay if you don’t understand everything--we’re all leaning together!

3. Personal Ministry

Have you ever had a difficult experience? We all have! Life Groups are designed to support, love and pray for each other in tough times. Whether it's sickness, injury, death, job loss or any other life changing factor, Life Groups are made up of Christians who care for one another.

4. How to Live a Godly Life

Here's where it's at. One of CommonGround's biggest goal is to see you grow up in Christ. Applying God's word is so important to our lives, and our Life Groups are a great place to find out how to do it. Our studies are biblical, practical and relevant to today.

5. Sharing Your Faith

Hearing other people's life stories and their own personal relationship with Christ makes it so much easier to learn how to share your own faith. It takes away the fear factor and gives you confidence. There's no strict recipe for sharing God's love, except just telling what God has done for YOU. At CommonGround, we believe in LIFE STYLE evangelism--that is, living out our faith in front of people and letting God use our lifestyle to attract our friends and co-workers to Christ.