There are many ways to give financially to support the mission of Christ through Commonground Church

  • GIVING BOXES- If you attend in person and would like to give via check or cash, you can place your gift in one of the black giving boxes, located at the back of the sanctuary or inside the lobby of Kidstown.
  • ONLINE AUTO-CHECK THROUGH YOUR FINANCIAL INSTITUTION- Most banks and credit unions will allow you send a check to Commonground from your account at no charge to you or the church. This can be done on a recurring basis or as a one time gift. 
  • ONLINE GIVING THROUGH AUTOBOOKS- This online giving allows one time gifts and recurring gifts to be set up through your debit card or bank account. There is a processing fee, which you can select to cover. We request that if you choose this method and use a card, please use debit for your transaction and not credit. We don't want your giving to create debt. 

If you have questions about any giving method, please contact our financial secretary, Courtney Johnson at or by calling 409-697-2422 on Tuesday or Thursday.