Habits of the Household - Summer 24

In Summer 2024, our Lifegroups will participate in a combined study. We will meet as one group in the sanctuary with smaller breakout groups after an overview of the weekly session. 

'Habits of the Household' by Justin Whitmel Earley is a practical guide to cultivating habits that promote order and peace in our homes. It offers actionable steps for establishing routines and rhythms that prioritize rest, relationships, and recreation.

You long for tender moments with your children—but do you ever find yourself too busy to stop, make eye contact, and say something you really mean? Daily habits are powerful ways to shape the heart—but do you find yourself giving in to screen time just to get through the day? You want to parent with purpose—but do you know how to start?

Award-winning author and father of four Justin Whitmel Earley understands the tension between how you long to parent and what your daily life actually looks like. In Habits of the Household, Earley gives you the tools you need to create structure–from mealtimes to bedtimes–that free you to parent toddlers, kids, and teens with purpose.

If you plan to participate in this study, please follow the link below to sign up and let us know which materials you would like to purchase. The church office will place a bulk order for supplies, that allows us to purchase them at a discounted rate. Deadline for registration/material request is May 26.